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Youth Indoor Soccer Rules

Posted by jess lyons on 3/29/2014


The Court:
  1. Cross-court for 3-4, 5-6.
  2. All leagues will practice in a small gym (cross court).
The Ball:
  1. 3-4 and 5-6 years will use a size 4 ball.
The Goal:
  1. 3-4 and 5-6 years will use 4 x 8 goals.
  2. Grades 1-6 leagues use 6 x 8 goals.
  3. The goalie box will be designated by the basketball “key” in front of the goal unless otherwise marked.
Number of Players:
  1. 3-4 and 5-6 years will have 5 players on the field at a time including a goalie.
  2. All players must play at least half of the game.
  3. Substitutions may occur on any dead ball.
Players Equipment:
  1. Footwear- tennis shoes, no cleats or turf shoes.
Duration of Game (4 quarters):
  1. Six minutes of running clock for 3-4 years.
  2. Six minutes of running clock for 5-6 years.
  3. Eight minutes of running clock for grades 1-2.
  4. Ten minutes of running clock for grades 3-4.
  5. Ten minutes of running clock for grades 5-6.
  6. For 3-4 & 5-6 year old leagues, teams WILL NOT switch goals.  For all other leagues, teams will switch goals to start the second half of play.
The Start of Play:
  1. At the beginning of the game, choice of ends will be determined by the referee.  The kicking team placing a kick into play will start the game.  Every player shall be on his/her own side of the field before the kick occurs.  Opposing players shall remain 5-yards from the ball prior of kickoff.
  2. After a goal has been scored the game shall be restarted in like manner by a player from the team giving up a goal.
Ball In and Out of Play:
  1. The ball is out of play when spectators are in danger of injury, when the game is stopped by a referee and during an injury.
  2. The ball is in play at all other times from the start to the end of the match.
Fouls and Misconduct:
  1. A player who commits any of the following infractions will be charged with a foul:  kicking or attempting to purposefully kick another player; tripping an opponent; jumping at, charging, striking, or pushing an opponent; or handling the ball deliberately.
  2. All fouls will result in an indirect free kick with opponent 5-yards away (an indirect kick must first touch another player; it may not go directly into the goal).
  3. The referee will explain infractions to the offending player.
  1. Throw-ins will be used in this league as means to get the ball back into play.
  2. Throw-ins or kick-ins will be used by the goalie.